Pirate Bones Club

Pirates of the Open Sea's

Welcome to Pirate Bones Club!

Pirate Bones Club, PBC, is a collection of 5,555 unique skeletons on the Solana Blockchain. This collection started from 3 guys playing a pirate game on PC, one antisocial nerd, a small streamer that couldn’t get views, and an Australian content creator with a following. 3 years later, they linked back together to create the next big project in the NFT space. Now they are an antisocial graphic designer, a small streamer that still can’t get any views but learned how to run a business, and an Australian content creator that continues to grow his large following. Together, they took inspiration from the game they all played together to create an NFT collection with a common goal. Create an NFT like no other, one that has a positive and non-toxic community, gives value to rockin’ art, and a place where anyone can begin their NFT journey!

First rendition of PBC

Pirate Bones Club Perks

Not only do your Skellies look FABULOUS, but they have/will have utility and physical value. As the project matures, we will hit different milestones and as we hit those we will be releasing what these perks will be! All YOU have to do is go out and get your own Skelly from the collection and these perks will apply to you.  Want to see what other perks are in store for YOUR NFT’s? Tell your friends, parents, grandparents, dogs, birds, EVERYONE so we can hit these milestones! If you would like to see more details, click the Discord icon to join our amazing community!

250 Discord Members –

Giveaways (Physical, Virtual, & Experiences)


500 Discord Members –

Exclusive Chats & Rarity of your NFT


1,000 Discord Members – ???


2,500 Discord Members – ???


5,000 Discord Members – ???


  • Promote the Discord to 1,000 members and release the THIRD perk
  • Twitter to 1,000 Followers
  • More Whitelist Giveaways/ Collab with other Collections 
  • Minting the collection TBD!
  • 1,000 Discord Members And Twitter Followers
  • Implementing perks over time to give true value
  • Successful Launches of all Socials and Website (May 1 2022)
  • Reached 500+ Discord Members and 600 Twitter Followers (June 12 2022)
  • Mint Founder’s Collection on SOL Blockchain 
  • Released 2 Perks that people will get when owning an NFT from PBC

The Golden Crew

Graphic Designer

Lead developer and designer of artwork for the legendary crew known as PBC.

Socials Designer/Producer

Main producer of socials, web designer, and researcher for PBC.


Head of content creation, promotions, and marketing for PBC.